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Research Solutions, Quant/Qual,
Select Statistical Tests and Qualitative

RCM offers a full spectrum of research services.  It is our mission to make your job easier.  

Research Solutions

RCM’s expert programmers continue ot develop and customize a wide variety of visual tools that can be used for both online/mobile and face-to-face interviewing. The engaged respondent provides the best quality data.

  • New product development

  • Concept screening and evaluations

  • Product tests/fragrance tests

  • Claims tests

  • Brand positioning

  • Market studies/Attitude & Usage Studies

  • Market Segmentation Studies

  • Shopper insights and retailer performance

  • Shelf tests and package testing

  • Neuromarketing: eye tracking and facial coding

  • Pricing Research

  • Usability Studies


As technology continues to bring the world together on a more personal level, it is also giving us  opportunity to gain better and more sensitive understanding of what consumers are looking for in a product and why. It is bringing an exciting element to both quantitative and qualitative research and the ability to blend the two to go deeper with the respondents through multi-level interactions.  The following are two examples of how this works.  Call us to learn more.

  • We can invite respondents during the course of any quantitative study to move into a qualitative mode where --for example -- they can be invited to participate in a live streaming web cam interview and we can probe deeper into their experience with a product, service, store, etc.

  • The respondent can upload videos or pictures to help clients better understand the consumer experience.

Select Target Audiences
  • – Salon professionals

  • – Black and Brown

  • – Hispanics

  • – Kids

  • – Teens 

  • – Seniors

  • – Millennials

  .....And Others


If your research issue requires qualitative exploration, we can make your job easier by coordinating all phases of the project from recruiting respondents to conducting in-person or online focus groups using our moderators or yours.

We can take care of all the organizational details for you and save you the time.  Another advantage is that we can move into the quantitative phase already oriented to the insights uncovered in the groups . . . saving you even more time.